10-Day Detox Program

10-Day Detox Program


We are so excited you are taking this journey to Detox your body, remove the toxins and allow your body to function and thrive the way it’s suppose to!


This is an 80 page PDF program which includes:

  • Program Guide

  • Meal Plans & Recipes

  • Kitchen Clean out and Cheat Sheet

  • Super Food Cheat Sheet

  • Supplement Guide

  • BONUS: 30 minute consultation with Laura and/or Shannon to help guide you through any issues or questions you have.


Here’s how the 10-Day CSK Detox works…

  • Use the Kitchen Clean Out cheat sheet to remove processed and tempting foods.

  • Follow the 3-Day Liquid Cleanse Meal Plan for the first 3 days of the 10-DayDetox.

  • Choose the Vegan/Vegetarian or Protein 7-Day Detox Meal Plan to follow for the remaining 7 days of the 10-Day Detox Guide.

  •  Enjoy snacks from the 10-Day Detox Snack Guide in between meals when you feel hungry.


In as little as 3 days you should start to experience the positive benefits of the CSK 10-Day Detox. Others have experienced:

  • Increased energy

  • Disappearance of cravings 

  • Stable moods

  • Better bowel movements 

  • Rejuvenating sleep 

  • Clearer thinking 

  • Increased motivation to be active


CSK makes it EASY for you to feel ALIVE!