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CSK Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the floaty stuff?
    The floaty stuff is a new baby kombucha culture. Because our kombucha is 100% authenically REAL, raw and unpasteurized it remains full of living yeast and bacteria, enzymes and metabolits that will continue to ferment even after the fermentation process is complete. This is a good indication that you are drinking a live, happy and nourishing kombucha in an unregulated industry.
  • How long does it last after opening?
    Kombucha can be good for quite some time. We generally say 4 months in refrigeration. Kombucha doesn’t really go bad and the live culture prevents anything harmful from growing. However, kombucha eventually will turn to a vinegar and be a little too acidic to drink. Airspace in the bottle is good for live cultures but can also speed up the Kombucha in becoming more vinegary. An important reason we put a 4 month date on our bottles is because fresher is better for live cultures. Live Culture viability is important to us. Many other kombuchas are fermented for long periods in bottle to achieve lots of carbonation, but this process ends up harming many of the live cultures so unique to the Kombucha ferment. That is a big point for us. I’m told really old Kombucha can be incorporated into a vinaigrette for salads. I’ve yet to try this myself yet but sounds believable and interesting!
  • Will it give me the poops?
    Oh yes! If you are new to Kombucha your may notice a little gestational upset as your body adjusts to all the beneficial bacterial culture, don’t worry, this is temporary. To avoid this completely, we suggest you start off small and drink only a little at a time for the first few days. It doesn’t take long for your body to adjust and then you will be enjoying all the benefits Kombucha has to offer!
  • What about the sugar content?
    This is a great question and one that is often misunderstood. Sugar comes from fruit, sugar cane, milk, grains, legumes, root vegetables, alcohol, and processed foods, however not all sugar ACT the same way inside the body. Refined sugar from processed foods is quickly pushed into the closest fat cell via the pancreas secreting hormone Insulin. This ensures the sugar molecule is “hidden” before it is recognized by the body because once it's found, it can cause havoc throughout your entire system. Sugar from fruit is in the form of Fructose and although it quickly leaves the blood stream like refined sugars, your body uses fructose as Energy in the form of ATP production, Glycolysis, The Krebs Cycle and in the Electron Transport Chain. Your body actually USES the sugar to help your body function to its fullest potential. This is the beauty of eating whole foods, they contain the ability to maximize the absorption and assimilation of the vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes and sugar found within the genetic makeup of the fruit itself. In other words, fruit comes from Mother Nature and she ensures everything She creates is in its most natural form. This is why we call them WHOLE foods because it’s a nutrient powerhouse with everything encased inside just waiting for your body to utilize them (cool eh!). So the closer a food is to its most natural state, the easier it is for your body to actually use these nutrients. Furthermore, it’s not just our bodies who like foods in their purest form. Yep! You guessed it! Our friendly microbiome is also able to assimilate the nutrients from whole foods much easier than processed ones (in fact processed foods can kill and weaken our microbiota - Yikes!) BIG difference eh! As nutritionists, we take pride in knowing our kombucha is as pure and authentic as it can possibly be. We flavour our brews by hand pressing the juice of our organic locally sourced whole foods. This means that a high ratio of the sugar found within CSK Kombucha is in the form of fructose. Using this technique allows us to feel confident that in every batch we make, we are crafting high quality kombucha that is rich in nutrients, enzymes, bacteria and yeast that work Synergistically together. It’s about creating a thriving gut ecosystem so you can feel Alive!
  • Can I drink it if I'm pregnant/breastfeeding?
    We recommend speaking to your Doctor about this issue. However, since we are asked this question frequently, we’ll share our opinion. Since our Kombucha is below .5% in alcohol when properly refrigerated it’s considered non-alcoholic, and the trace amount should not do any harm when pregnant. Kombucha tends to be a little bit detoxifying, this is why some doctors recommend limiting consumption to small amounts while pregnant. Kombucha isn’t just for Adults, lots of Children love our Kombucha and its a great tasting alternative to sodas or juices with a fraction of the calories. Children under 2 yrs should be given only small amounts. Their immune systems are forming via interactions with things in the environment and although Kombucha may support immune function, it would be like a crutch to children that young, they need to develop their own.
  • Can I order CSK Kombucha for special events?
    Yes! Absolutley! We LOVE being part of your special day! Weddings, Retreats, A Girl's Night Out, Family Reunion's or whatever fun thing you have going on! CSK Kombucha is a tasty (and cultured) way to bring your event to life! It's all about YOU! Choose any flavour from our ENTIRE flavour cataloge! That's any flavour that we have ever made, you can choose to have. Fun right! OR We can work with you to create a truly personalized flavour that is uniquely yours and just perfect that special day! >>Bottles & Keg options are available<< Please contact us for more information
  • Pre - Order for Market Pick Ups
    We are excited to offer pre-ordered pick up at ANY market we are at! Check out our upcoming markets and message us to let us know which flavours you would like to pick up! It's that simple!
  • Kombucha Kegs
    For people who drink a lot of kombucha, we are able to provide you fine people with kegs of kombucha (I mean they seriously don’t last long in our houses). Personalized flavours are available to please you and your family’s own unique tastebuds. Contact us for more info!
  • When will my order be ready?
    Orders are ready for pick-up or delivery during the second week of every month. When you are joining the Kombucha Club, make sure you buy your package before the second Friday of the month, otherwise you will not get your first order until the following month. Contact us if you have any questions!
  • What if I'm on the delivery package but I'm going to be near the CSK brewery, can I pick up my order for that month?"
    YES! Please let us know ahead of time that you want to pick up your order, but unfortunately we cannot adjust your plan pricing for that month. Instead, we can offer you an extra bottle of kombucha :)
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