We're on a mission

Health doesn't have to be hard...

Just one bottle of CSK Kombucha a day is all you need to start feeling alive!

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Our Story

This is a no judgment zone  - we were just like you...

We were stuck in this perpetual cycle. Burnt out, stressed out and feeling like crap.  Everyday would be the same.  A (very) big cup of coffee, the chaos of getting the kids ready for school and us ready for work, eventually leaving the house with coffee in one hand, purse in the other and some important piece of paper or other gripped tightly in our teeth.  After a long day, the anticipation of arriving home to that glass of wine (or two or three) and before we knew it, the bottle was gone. No time to feed ourselves, grabbing  the leftovers from our kids plates as we juggled homework, lunch prep, bedtime....  Finally, with the house quiet,  and too tired to actually cook or take care of ourselves, we would retreat to a screen that numbs the mind, stuffing our bellies with a bag of chips or nuts hoping that tonight would  bring a REAL night sleep.  Of course, that was never the case. And the next day we would awake exhausted “ready” to do it all over again. This was survival mode and we knew it couldn't last.

There had to be a better way.  There had to be something that could stop this cycle  Something that didn’t  require rearranging everything but yet  big enough to bring us back to life!  And then we stumbled upon brewing. Not wine, but Kombucha!  It just made sense.  It was fun, new and easy to incorporate in a busy life and yet it had such a massive impact on overall health.   It was then, that we realized health doesn’t have to be hard, in fact it’s Easy, quite easy and tasty too!


So we fuzed our knowledge as Holistic Nutritionists to pair fruits, herbs, roots and  botanicals with specific teas to create a fun, fizzy beverage that could bring us back to life!  Raw, Organic, Alive, Gluten Free, Vegan and brewed using traditional fermentation techniques, the ease of CSK Kombucha can be savoured by virtually anyone. 

Feeling alive doesn't have to be hard. It starts with simple steps like drinking a bottle of culture shock kombucha a day.  Be open to easy and say YES to feeling alive! 


Grab your case of easy health and with a bottle a day, you too will be feeling ALIVE! 

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Meet the Brew Masters

CSK is made by two Registered Holistic Nutritionists!

Laura, on the left

The best part of my day is hearing our customers tell us that CSK kombucha has improved their quality of life.  It truly makes me so happy to know that my knowledge as a nutritionist mixed with my love of fermentation is a perfect recipe to create such high quality kombucha and positive change in people's lives.

Shannon, on the right

My passion for brewing started early when helping my dad ferment wine as a kid. My knowledge grew to include the fermentation of food and tea. As an RHN and super mom of 2, I am dedicated to creating gut friendly, yummy and delicious kombucha that my family and yours can enjoy!



Located in Grand Bend, Ontario, Culture Shock Kombucha is Lambton Shores first and only kombucha brewery company! We use only local, organic and high quality ingredients including Reverse Osmosis water, freshly pressed juice from whole foods and locally sourced tea.

Culture Shock Kombucha is raw, organic, vegan, gluten free, non GMO and is handcrafted with love in every bottle!