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Blueberry Lemongrass

Blueberry Lemongrass


Blueberry Lemongrass is part of our Fall and Winter Seasonal Line-Up.  The organic blueberries provide an intense juicy flavour while the lemongrass adds an edgy yet subtle hint of citrus.  This brew really comes to Life when we add the secret (ok, not so secret) ingredient - Butterfly Pea Tea.  This magical tea naturally changes the colour of our ferment to a rich, dark purple hue that is so beautiful it's hard to take your eyes off it!  We are sure you will find it just as delicious  and gorgeous as we do

Special Note from Us:  This flavour was created years ago and has evolved multiple times along the way.  This flavour is one that not only tastes good, but is held with high regards in both our hearts as it is a true testimony to our "hand-crafted with love" dedication that we instill in our kombucha and guarantee to our supporters. 


*This is a Seasonal brew and is available for a limited time only.  We highly recommend grabing your bottle(s) while you can to ensure your order and to keep your gut and tastebuds doing the happy dance!