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Electric Lemonade

Electric Lemonade


This colourful brew lets your eyes do the talking for you!  Its magical powers come from the combination of freshly pressed lemon juice and Blue Majik.  It's zingy flavour is just like the one you remember from the lemonade stand as a kid, but with a deep nutritional profile thanks to Majik.   Don't let the summer pass you by, be sure to electrify your senses and quench your thirst with this delicious seasonal flavour today!


Special Note From Us: Majik is a wonderful source of B-Vitamins, trace minerals and is a complete protein.  These are vital and sometimes hard to find nutrients for us vegans. 

*This brew is part of our Seasonal Summer Lineup and is only out for a limited time.  Grab your bottle(s) while you can for this one sells out quickly.