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Mojito is part of our Summer Seasonal Line-up and we have to admit, it truly is a crowd pleaser!  This flavour is our take on the traditional mojito but without the added sugar.  Our ratio of organic limes creates the perfect amount of sourness that blends flawlessly with the sweetness from the organic mint and together it creates a light and refreshing thirst quenching brew that quickly becomes exactly what summer at the beach is all about!  A must try for sure!   

Special Note From Us:   This is a sought-after flavour to our Grand Bend locals in the summer months.  We even receive emails Weeks before the flavour is released, asking if they can place an order!  Why?  Because it tastes THAT good and mimics the taste of what you know a mojito is meant to be.  Having the support of our local community means so much to us and makes this brew one that is close to our hearts. 


*This is part of our Summer Seasonal Line-up and is only available for a limited time.  We very highly suggest you grab this while you can to ensure you’re not disappointed.  

We at CSK are proud to offer a bottle return program at our brewery located at 23 Main Street, Grand Bend.  YAY!We gladly provide $0.05 return for every bottle that is brought back, but please note that for sanitation reasons, we ask that all returning bottles are pre-wash with hot soap and water or put in the dishwasher on normal cycle.  

Together we can keep our Mother Earth strong and vibrant.  Thanks so much for caring about our planet as much as we do! 

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