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Root Beer

Root Beer


Kombucha is meant to be FUN and that is exactly what this brew brings!  We both love the flavour of root beer but hate all the added syrups and sugars.  That's why we crafted this childhood favourite into our very own kombucha recipe! But to keep the sugar down and the flavour intense we had to put our Nutritionist spin on it.  That's why we use locally foraged roots and bark to flavour this unique brew.  Warm undertones from our fermented black tea allows the root beer flavour to shine as it gently highlights the subtle hints of vanilla perfectly.  And all this while leaving the sugar behind!   We have no doubt you will love it just as much as we do.    

Special Note From Us:  This fun, fizzy flavour is an excellent alternative for those trying to lower their daily intake of soda pop.  

We at CSK are proud to offer a bottle return program at our brewery located at 23 Main Street, Grand Bend.  YAY!

We gladly provide $0.05 return for every bottle that is brought back, but please note that for sanitation reasons, we ask that all returning bottles are pre-wash with hot soap and water or put in the dishwasher on normal cycle.  

Together we can keep our Mother Earth strong and vibrant.  Thanks so much for caring about our planet as much as we do! 

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