Making it EASY for you to feel ALIVE

Everyday would be the same, we were living in survival mode and we knew it couldn't last.  Feeling alive doesn’t have to be hard, in fact it's easy and tasty too!  So we got to work using our knowledge as Holistic Nutritionists to create a fun, fizzy authentic kombucha that's easy to incorporate into any lifestyle.  With just one bottle a day, you too will see how easy it is to feel Alive!




Finally, an EASY and EFFECTIVE way for north Americans to TRANSFORM their health...

🗸 Fun and delicious flavours
🗸 Just one a day is all you need
🗸 Replacement for sugary drinks and alcohol

bottle of culture shock kombucha drink blueberry
bottle of culture shock kombucha strawberry basil
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gluten free


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made with love

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Our Green Smoothie Challenge is a great way to have convenience in a simple, nutritious and tasty way (which is what CSK is all about).  We bet after just 48 hours you will begin to notice more energy, less bloating, and confidence when it comes to choosing healthy foods.

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Are you ready to say YES to feeling ALIVE?

Culture Shock Kombucha is making it easy to feel alive!

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What others are saying about Culture Shock Kombucha...

"It’s been a pleasure to grow along side Culture Shock Kombucha. The culture shock brand resonates with our patrons and our mission here at bad Apple. There will always be room on our shelves for this fantastic product. Looking forward to the next delivery! Cheers!"