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10 Anti-Aging Hacks - For Free!

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

SENESCENCE or Biological Aging is the gradual deterioration of functional characteristics. The word senescence can refer either to cellular aging or to deterioration of the whole organism. (Eek, deterioration!)

FACT: we all get older every single day and each person’s aging process will look different.

But, despite Wikipedia’s definition of “biological aging”, don’t you think it’s about time that we should embrace it, rather than fearing it, and spending gobs of money trying to turn back the hands of time?

That said, if you’re motivated to live a full and healthy life as you age, then you might have to make some adjustments to your personal aging process, so you can spend more quality time doing the things you love.

Here are 10 simple anti-aging “hacks” you can start trying to give yourself an edge over senescence!

Try as many of them as you can on a daily basis - and some of them, you might just NEED to do no matter what - like number 8!

Try these 10 FREE Anti-aging Hacks!

1. Drink more water and stay hydrated Increasing water intake and being adequately hydrated is a no-brainer for both inner and outer beauty - from your cells to your skin! This includes consuming foods that have naturally high water content. Did you know? Each bite of watermelon contains 92% water!

2. Eat more whole, nutrient-dense foods rich in vitamins, minerals & Omega 3’s Fruits and veggies like cucumber, watermelon, tomato, avocados, ginger, berries (especially blueberries), pomegranate, dark green leafy veggies, garlic, and Omega 3 fatty acid-rich foods like cold-water fatty fish, walnuts, and hemp seeds.

3. Drink less alcohol - or none at all :)

'Nuf said

4. Move your body, and break a sweat daily. Did you know? Regular exercise has quite a potent anti-aging effect - and best of all, to help slow down the aging process, it doesn’t matter how much you exercise or what type you choose - just so long as you move your body regularly! On the other hand, a sedentary lifestyle speeds up the aging process and makes you more susceptible to age-related health issues down the road.

5. Rest more, and get adequate restorative sleep.

Lack of sleep can really take a toll on your entire body. We’re not just talking dark circles either - although those are still a good reason to catch enough zzz’s! Shut the laptop (and other devices) and get into bed, preferably by 10pm every night.

6. Manage your stress.

Too much stress can have significant negative effects on your body, and grossly accelerate the aging process. Be sure to find more ways to manage your stress on a daily basis so it doesn’t take over!

7. Avoid excessive sun exposure A little natural sun exposure each day is fine (hellooo Vitamin D!), but excessive exposure is detrimental and undoubtedly ages the skin. [underlined text suggested link: ]

Did you know? Vitamin D plays a critical role in several biological processes - skin health included, promoting a youthful skin appearance. Higher Vitamin D levels are associated with healthy aging.

8. Do NOT smoke. Ever.

‘Nuff said about that too.

And here’s two you probably weren’t expecting to be on the list…

9. Laugh more. Laughter truly IS the best medicine.

10. Get outside and take in nature.

The outdoors and being in natural surroundings can be their own kind of therapy and should be part of any healthy anti-aging routine.

Obviously, there’s nothing that completely halts senescence or the biological aging process, but these simple anti-aging hacks may help you slow it down - even if it’s just a little bit. More importantly, they may help you look and feel better RIGHT NOW while promoting an overall healthier, and more energetic lifestyle!


Anti-aging Superfood Slaw

Makes about 2 cups = 4 side portions.


1 ½ cups watermelon, flesh cubed

1 cup jicama, cubed (no skin)

½ english cucumber, washed and chopped (with skin)

2-3 Tbsp hemp seeds/hearts

2-3 Tbsp goat feta, crumbled (if you can tolerate dairy)

2 Tbsp fresh herbs, finely chopped (basil, mint, cilantro or oregano)

1 Tbsp walnut or hemp oil

1 inch piece fresh ginger, peeled and finely chopped

Salt & pepper to taste


Assemble all fruits, veggies, seeds, and herbs in a medium bowl, and gently toss.

Add goat cheese, if using. Gently toss again.

Drizzle oil, add salt & pepper (if using), and gently toss one more time, being careful not to bruise fruit.

Salad does not keep well - best served and enjoyed immediately.

Making it EASY for you to feel ALIVE!

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